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September 18, 2008 : 04:26 PM
Looking for a Great Minecraft Server?!?!Join our 24/7 PvP Minecraft Server (F.I.S.H.Craft)We have Pvp, Factions, Raid, Admin Shop, and much More!!!!We also nominate mods, oaetprors, and admins!!Join Now and INVITE Your friends!!Server IP:
August 21, 2013 : 05:01 AM
I kinda joined this<a href="http://hkgrvj.com"> serevr</a> for the anti-pvp and the safer building environments. To find out I have to make a gold shovel and do all of this work just to make an area safe to work in, and I'm still going to be at risk for being killed, makes this<a href="http://hkgrvj.com"> serevr</a> rather undesirable now. I'm especially irate that all of my hours of work are now gone just like that. Honestly, it's hard enough to find PVP free<a href="http://hkgrvj.com"> serevr</a>s now, and losing this one bothers me. I don't think I'll be coming back if this is a free for all PVP. :/ I loved my time here, but I can't play in a world where someone can just walk right up to me and kill me for everything I have on my person. It's not right, and it means a person can ruin all your hard work. I'll keep an eye out, in case you guys make a PVP free zone again, because I really did love this place, but as it stands, I'm gone. Good luck with the overhaul.
August 24, 2013 : 11:04 AM
Hey guys me and my friend have crateed a brand new server two weeks ago and it would be nice if yall could come check it out. It's a pvp server with a great storyline you should check it out. i have spent a lot a time on it and my friend and we need those first ppl to help it grow. I need to get it on the server list on this website but I havent sent the email yet. Thanks! http://yowofpxqsz.com [url=http://dfldht.com]dfldht[/url] [link=http://zngazswdsr.com]zngazswdsr[/link]
August 25, 2013 : 04:41 PM
There's not one single thing I don't like about this post! From the <a href="http://kpssrmgd.com">lolevy</a> photo to your inspiring words yes, I think we all need to spend more time walking in a field of daisies! Thank you so much for sharing
August 28, 2013 : 02:35 AM
Looks fantastic! Can't wait to try it out! The muillpte ways to exit spawn might help bring things back into balance for newcomers as well. They might be able to avoid the Spawn Slaughterfest. Instead of becoming frustrated and leaving for a more welcoming server newcomers might have a chance to gather a few blocks of wood and cobble and choose to join the community. http://unpaaqdac.com [url=http://gsvlkbg.com]gsvlkbg[/url] [link=http://ukhtrh.com]ukhtrh[/link]
September 09, 2013 : 08:20 PM
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