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Help About - QUIZZES
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Quizzes are interactive and informative section. You can create a quiz by selecting the 'Creating a new Quiz' link. A category should be selected from the drop down and a title should also be given. By checking the 'Notify Me' you will be notified to your email with the score when friends take your Quiz.

A single question with five or a minimum of three choice can be given at a time. The correct answer should also be marked during the time of creation. You have options to 'Save and Add more questions' or 'Save and preview' or cancel the question.

Once when the quiz is completed you have the option to publish the quiz. Only a published quiz could be send to friends. And you cannot edit a published quiz. And you can select the friends to whom you should send the quiz among all your social friends.

You will receive their answers and the answers will be given to them also once when they complete the quiz.

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