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Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie watch SIHH 2017, ultra-high-end Swiss watch maker Greubel Forsey will launch a timepiece, they allegedly spent 11 years "research and development". It's not just a music chiming watch, and an automatic one. The brand's fans and other high-end complications of the manufacturer certainly agree that the Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie watch will be epic.

Greubel Forsey has been in its development and first appeared with new complex features of the watch, it's nice and easy. Just three years ago we saw them released their first watch eternal calendar (hands here), now, in 2017, they debuted their first chiming watch with simply called Greubel Fuxi hit Sonnerie The

Ask any noteworthy watchmakers who will tell you that the movement with the chiming complication is the most difficult to develop from scratch - followed by the complex sub-chronograph. The grandchildren are, because of its magnificent name hinting, the most challenging of them because it can be in three different modes. In loud mode, the movement will pass every quarter and hourly (which means automatic), in small mode, it will automatically pass hours, but last but not least, it's like any other, This means that it can be clocked at any time as needed, the dormitory and the nearest minute. It was no wonder that then it took more than a decade, Robert Greubel and Stephen Fossy reached the 935 part of the point that finished their first sonnerie film.

Still, we have seen many well-known brands to create a sonnerie watch (see our manual article in Ulysse Nardin, by Bulgari's right crazy Magsonic, or Audemars Pige Supersonnerie more drooling craft), then this by How is Greubel Forsey different?

First of all, it is a real surprise that it is a great sonnerie designed to wear - because yes, there are some people (more likely to repeat customers for Greubel Forsey) who might encourage the brand about a daily wearer , Seven-digit big sonnerie idea. Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie does not include soft 18k gold or overweight platinum, but uses a lightweight titanium material to pack all 935 parts into 43.5mm wide, 16.13mm thick boxes. Yes, the thickness is quite impressive, but it is not significant (or not at all) other sonnerie watches - plus, due to the lightness of titanium, it will not be crazy like a slight movement of the watch.

"It was probably Grande Sonnerie's sales slogan ... but it was not." That is, Greubel Forsey did not stop putting all of these parts into one as small as possible Of the case, but continues to solve another notorious question related to chiming watches: lack of power reserve.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 LE MANS CLASSIC WATCH

So this is the only one very few watches that automatically hang up - a rare combination, partly because the sonnerie / minute repeater movement already requires a lot of space, the automatic mechanism simply can not fit most, partly because of the decisive heavy The winding motion of the winding rotor can cause vibration, which is detrimental to the extremely fine and complex body packaging millimeters.

However, the automatic winding has a twist: the movement itself is kept manually on the chain and provides a 72 hour power reserve (5 on the dial) due to two, coaxial, tandem coupling, quick rotation of the barrel (watch - Level!), So the automatic winding is only reserved for recharging the individual power supply of the shunt mechanism.

You see that the problem is that for the big sonnerie always sound every 15 minutes in the past quarter, it takes a lot of energy. The energy in most of the movement of the watch can not come from the same barrel that powers the timing mechanism, since setting the heavy hammer to move to produce a bell will get so much energy from the barrel, which will greatly Affect timing accuracy. Just the image of your watch there is a big power outage every 15 minutes ... not ideal.replica GREUBEL FORSEY DOUBLE TOURBILLON 30 WATCHES

Due to the platinum pendulum (some of the pretty movement of its own decoration), the dedicated hitting barrel of the 20-hour power reserve (which is in the big sonnerie mode, it lasts longer in the small sonnerie only once every hour) quickly. Here we should mention that you can completely turn off the whole by selecting SL (silent mode) as shown by subcard 3.

If all this is not enough, Greubel Forsey says they have added up to eleven "securities" - these are other mechanisms designed in the movement to help protect extremely complex and fragile inlay complications. Mechanical disasters (and consequently expensive maintenance costs), for example, when you try to set the time when the bell is in progress, or if the power supply needs to provide some major differences when the mechanism.

Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie is a Greubel Forsey, there are many complex, we will find (and cover) in our handmade articles about this - like how titanium resonant cages work for sonnerie, or how good 43.5 mm wide titanium case The Before that, two more important facts about Greubel Forsey Grande Sonnerie.replica HUBLOT BIG BANG DARK BLUE WATCHES

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